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About PAANY!

Our PAANY! Water filter is more than just a filter. It is a technology based on high-tech hollow fiber membranes that filter out undrinkable water. Specifically in India, the availability of safe drinking water is a concern. With our filter technology we offer a fast and easy way to the general public to have access to clean and bacteria-free water. PAANY! can be used by diverse groups, be it travelers, athletes, housewives, school children or even the Indian Defense! You just need a local tap or bore well and can start to see the PAANY! Magic. Within seconds you can fill your pouch or bottle and drink without worrying about the safety of water.

We would love to supply you with PAANY!, so that you can experience the benefits of this trendy product. After all PAANY! is the latest trend in the area of portable water filters for India.

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1000 LTRS safe water
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Note: PAANY! pouch will be produced and delivered on customer demand

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PAANY! Bottle

A foldable, easy-to-use water bottle with portable high-tech water filter. Drink straight from the bottle and enjoy every sip of safe water.

User Manual PAANY! Bottle

PAANY! Bottle Filter Replacement

Once your PAANY! filter shows a significant drop in water flow rate, you must have used it for a few months. Now it is time to change your filter. 

Below are the steps that show the replacement process.

User Manual PAANY! Bottle Filter Replacement


A flexible water purifier that can be easily connected to either household sinks via screw-connect, or to an existing piping/tubing system. With this Flex System you will be able to supply up to 30.000 litres of safe drinking water to households, public buildings, facilities or even small communities.

User Manual PAANY! Flex

PAANY! Pouch

Sample Design

  • Light - weight, portable 480 ml pouch with integrated PAANY! water filter.
  • Easy to fold and store in hand bags, luggage or backpacks.
  • Your ideal companion for leisure or travel.

User Manual PAANY! Pouch

PAANY! for Kids


PAANY! water filter provides school children in India with a flexibility adavantage. This means, they can benefit from carrying a light-weight filter, that weighs not even 20 grams, instead of heavy mineral water bottles to school.

In order to have sufficient fluid intake, school children have to drink at least 1 litre of water a day. After all, every mother wants to make sure her child is properly hydrated.

With PAANY! we ensure that school children can make use of any local tap water source in India, be it in the school or on a school field trip. Specifically during field trips it is difficult to control the quality of the water source. Thus, with PAANY!, one can be sure that the water is bacteria-free.

Rest assured.The health of your child is our concern.

Protect your children. Give them a PAANY!

PAANY! for Sports


Every athlete has to drink water to show their full potential during training.

After swetting while exercising, the water requirement of the body significantly increases. To be precise: Average sweat rates of athletes can go up to 2 litres per hour!

Many athletes in India have to travel substantially in order to participate in sports events & tournaments.

With PAANY!, they are enabled to filter water conveniently during their sports travel.

Additionaly, they can easily use our water filter in their sports housing facilities which may sometimes be in remote places.

PAANY! not only offers athletes a comfortable, portable drinking water solution, but also provides sports enthusiasts a fast way of drinking safe water while attending to sports events.

Drink PAANY!. Be in the game. Not in pain.

PAANY! for Army


The Indian Defence protects India and its citizens against external threats.

In order to sustain strong armed forces, it is essential to mantain and promote the health of military personnel.

Especially in crisis situations, military teams are dependent on a fast, effective and particularly safe drinking water source. Their military equipment has to be light, so that they can move easily and efffortlessly. Any additional weight can hinder military performance!

Here, PAANY! proves its advantage by its simplicity. Tap or spring water can easily be filtered while being on military missions or during crisis times.

The PAANY! military version strives to fulfill its objective by the simple words:



PAANY! for Travel


In India, domestic travel is growing steadily every year. A strong evolving middle class supports this trend.

Long-distance trips are mostly covered by car or train. Traveling to remote villages is often a monthly routine for many people in India, since they visit relatives or spend time with family.

A frequently neglected fact is that safe drinking water has become a scarcity in such areas. This is a threat for those who spend time in such places. The daily shopping of mineral water or the dependency on household water filters or water purifiers restricts the local travelers' flexibility vastly.

As such PAANY! can provide an answer to drinking water problems on the road, in the train or during village stay in India, or anywhere in the world. By being able to drink water from wells or other local water sources, commuters gain enormous ease in their endeavours.

Thus PAANY! promotes following:

Enjoy your trip – take a sip!

Travel with PAANY!

PAANY! for Survival


NGOs, or non-profit organizations, are involved in diverse initiatives to save peoples lives during crisis times. These times can be marked by natural catastrophe, like an earthquake or a flood.

In those times, humanitarian aid organizatons confide in easily implemented aid systems.

Systems that provide fast, uninterrupted support to those in need.

With PAANY! you will be able to supply an easy-to-use and uncomplicated water filter to disaster areas. 

Portability and light-weight by design, make this water filter a "must-have" in difficult times.


The unexpected can happen any time.

PAANY! can save your life!

The PAANY! Advantage

The PAANY! Water filter could replace about 1000 ltr. mineral water bottles per annum! Apart from that, here are some benefits at a glance:

The Tech Behind

The technology relies on a high-performance technique. Smallest particles, the size of 0.2 microns, are obstructed to penetrate the holllow fibre membranes. Thus, the technology makes sure that precarious bacteria are not even permitted to enter the water!

From the technological perspective the PAANY! water filter demonstrate a log 6 reduction. To be more specific, up to 99.9999% of bacteria and parasites, such as Giardia lamblia (Beaver Fever) and Cryptosporidium parvum as well as bacteria like Campylobacter, Escherichia coli, Vibrio cholerae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Shigella and Salmonella are removed.

Also, please note: Worm removal is guaranteed!

PAANY! Testimonials


The filter can remove up to 99,9999% of Bacteria, Protozoa and particles, ensuring safe drinking water.
PAANY! does not remove contaminants that are dissolved in water including chemicals (like arsenic), medical residues or lead. Also no oil and grease can be filtered out. Apart from that the filter is not suitable to filter ocean water.
The filter can be used for tap, well, river water, water falls, ponds and lakes. However, care has to be taken not to use the filter in overly dirty water sources (e.g. damps, drains, overly dirty river or ponds) The filter will work there, but will clog very fast and will be unusable in a much faster time
Combined with the activated carbon disc, it additionally improves the taste of water.

You can use the filter for a minimum of 1000 liters of water. We have calculated a usage time of approx. 6 months, if the water sources are not overly contaminated (view -> “For what water sources can PAANY! filter be utilized?”).

Our PAANY! filter is supplied in silicone water bottle or flexible pouch. The silicone bottle can be used for an extensive period of time. You save at least 1000 liters of packaged drinking water bottles and therefore support your environment! Our ideas have also been valued by the Greentec Awards in Germany, one of the biggest environmental awards worldwide. There we have been nominated as FINALIST in May 2018.

Fill the bottle with water only when the top bottle-lid is closed. This is to avoid contamination of mouth piece of PAANY! bottle

By pressing the small white valve the bottle is re-filled with air and can stand.

Any more questions? Feel free to contact us

PAANY! User Guide

User Manual PAANY! Bottle

User Manual PAANY! Bottle Filter Replacement

User Manual PAANY! Flex

Please contact us for detailed application instructions at


User Manual PAANY! Pouch

  • Directions for use:

  • Enter date of first use
  • Remove cap & filter from pouch
  • Fill the pouch with tap water
  • Insert filter into pouch
  • At first - time use, flush filter with 1 cup tap water
  • Drink straight from the filter outlet of the pouch
  • Keep PAANY! filter dry, when not in use
  • Dispose after Expiry

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