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Frequently Asked Questions

The filter can remove up to 99,9999% of Bacteria, Protozoa and particles, ensuring safe drinking water.

PAANY! does not remove contaminants that are dissolved in water including chemicals (like arsenic), medical residues or lead. Also no oil and grease can be filtered out. Apart from that the filter is not suitable to filter ocean water.

The filter can be used for tap, well, river water, water falls, ponds and lakes. However, care has to be taken not to use the filter in overly dirty water sources (e.g. damps, drains, overly dirty river or ponds) The filter will work there, but will clog very fast and will be unusable in a much faster time.

Combined with the activated carbon disc, it additionally improves the taste of water.

You can use the filter for a minimum of 1000 liters of water. We have calculated a usage time of approx. 6 months, if the water sources are not overly contaminated (view -> “For what water sources can PAANY! filter be utilized?”).

Our PAANY! filter is supplied in silicone water bottle or flexible pouch. The silicone bottle can be used for an extensive period of time. You save at least 1000 liters of packaged drinking water bottles and therefore support your environment! Our ideas have also been valued by the Greentec Awards in Germany, one of the biggest environmental awards worldwide. There we have been nominated as FINALIST in May 2018.

Fill the bottle with water only when the top bottle-lid is closed. This is to avoid contamination of mouth piece of PAANY! bottle.

By pressing the small white valve the bottle is re-filled with air and can stand.